September 05, 2013

Thanksgiving Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

I much rather prefer sweet potatoes over regular potatoes and, with their health benefits being better than regular potatoes, I'm defiantly not going to wait to enjoy my sweet potatoes as much as possible.  When I think of sweet potatoes, I think of this elaborate side dish that's always prepared for Thanksgiving, so here's my clean and healthy take on a Thanksgiving classic!

Thanksgiving Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato
Serves 2
  • 2 medium sweet potatoes
  • 4 T Greek yogurt
  • 2 T raw walnuts
  • 2 t cinnamon
  • 2 t honey (optional)
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F
  2. Pierce the potatoes a couple times with a knife
  3. Bake the potatoes in the oven for about 45-60 minutes; until softened
  4. Remove the potatoes from the oven, cut open and lightly mass the potato until fluffy
  5. Add the Greek yogurt, then walnuts and cinnamon and drizzle with honey

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